September 28, 2018

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POLYFAT®’s exhibition in VIV Nanjing 2018 has been a great success! 

Britz Animal Nutrition Unit has successfully introduced POLYFAT® A600 and K200, the premium energy enhancer for ruminants to the visitors in VIV China. 

POLYFAT® is 100% vegetable based and naturally derived from palm. Manufactured in both Indonesia and Malaysia. 

According to OECD report, dairy consumption per capita in China is estimated at 26.2kg in 2016. Consumption remains low compared to both Western and neighbouring countries Thailand and Taiwan. 

“With the urbanization and increasing living standards in China, the people deserve better dietary options for nutritious food, there is where POLYFAT® played important role, to help cattle producing better quality milk”, says Becky Tang, the Product Line Manager of Animal Nutrition.

She then add, “POLYFAT® is a proven premium energy source. According to MPOB, palm fat powder has proven to increase daily milk production by 2.19kg per cow, with milk butter fat content increase of 0.14%.”

At the 3 days tradeshow, many successful leads had been created and the potential of growth is very promising. 

Contact us for product trials and further market opportunities. 

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Our team members, Becky Tang and Isaac How discussing with customers on market opportunities. 

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The Animal Nutrition Unit

Our Animal Nutrition Unit work to improve the overall well-being and performance of your animals by providing a products that are suitable to their nutritional needs.

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Production Line Manager of Animal Nutrition, Becky Tang discuss with a customer on the benefits of our Polyfat products.

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During the exhibition, customers were able to view the products firsthand and even take some samples back with them.

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Here, our team members and customers have a photography session after a successful discussion.

About Our Product – POLYFAT®

POLYFAT® nutritional supplements are the ultimate energy solutions for animals.

POLYFAT ® series of energy boosters enhance caloric intake, improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and boost the productivity of cattle, swine and poultry.