Palm wax is our specialty.

Since our establishment in late 1990s, we have successfully developed a range of wax products of excellent quality through our R&D program. Our waxes are specially formulated to meet the technical requirements for mass production of various types of candles, such as pillars, votives, tea lights, crystallized candles, etc.


This method requires filling liquid waxes into glasses, containers and jars.

We offer our special waxes of BW 101, BW 105, and BW106 which are soft waxes formulated to be applied in filled jar candles at a ratio of 60% blended with 40% of paraffin wax. 


Pressed candles are performed in rotary pressed or stamp pressed machines. Using this machines, the blended palm wax in solid granules form is pressed in the form of a candle. This technology is most common in the production of tea-light candles and pillar candles.
Our wax BW 77, BW701 and BW703 is formulated to be applied in pressed T-lights and free standing candles at a ratio of 50% blended with 50% of paraffin wax.


A mould is necessary in this production method; The wick is centered in the mould and then the mould is filled with liquid wax. After solidifying, the wax shrinks and it can be taken out from the mold. This production method is used in large scale production and in manufacturing handmade decorative candles with special molds of different shapes and sizes.


As one of the pioneers in modern development of palm applications in candle-making, we have developed a range of waxes of excellent quality over the past decade.

Wax has large potential applications in various industries. The common parameters that most are concerned are hardness, melting point, viscosity, colour and odour.

We produce a wide array of palm waxes that are able to burn bright and stable flame without fat bloom, and sweat. Various blends were formulated in order to suit different performance requirement, such as crystal patterns and etc.

Apart from ready-made palm waxes, we also supply custom blends to meet the specific needs of your business. We are always looking to understand your business in order to serve you better and we appreciate any opportunity to share our knowledge and receive feedback.