A solution provider with a network of more than a hundred suppliers and customers in over 30 countries, we process, distribute and trade various base and functional chemicals with heavy leaning towards oleochemicals. The solutions we offer include technical support, market analysis, just-in-time delivery, customised formulations, repackaging, relabelling and inventory management, for both suppliers and customers.



The cornerstone of sustainable chemicals, whether to be applied directly or as intermediates. Our offerings include various fatty acids, fatty alcohols, esters, methyl esters, glycerol and soap noodles. We act as distributor for original manufacturers and market these materials under our own brands namely Novacid/ Novacol/Novester


The wax market is dominated by petroleum and synthetic chemicals. This presents a unique opportunity for us to apply our expertise in oleochemicals. We currently have a host of vegetable and blended wax formulations for candle-making in our portfolio that are marketed under our brand Britz Wax.

Animal Nutrition

We work with key partners to formulate, produce and distribute specific types of energy booster additives for ruminants and poultry targeting a relatively new market segment. Working with key partners allow us to leverage on each others’ strengths while still maintaining control of the supply chain. These products are marketed under the brand name Polyfat.

Oil & Fats

Apart from being a staple food, oils and fats are the raw materials of various oleochemicals. Our operations in Malaysia and Indonesia, the two largest palm oil producing countries, allow us to take advantage of the resources in both countries. We trade in bulk for industrial uses and also distribute consumer-packed products.


We distribute a wide range of chemicals which constitute the essential elements of everyday household and personal care products. Our range of materials also include intermediates of various surfactants. We distribute original manufacturers’ brands as well as our own – Britz and Kreme.


A smaller division of ours but it is rapidly expanding. Our range of products include edible oils, shortenings, emulsifiers, food additives and various other food ingredients. Our brandsinclude QueenBee and Kreme Britz.


We distribute a wide range of health supplements 

which constitute the essential nutrition of human body. Our range of products is targeted for kids, adults and elderly.




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